1. This week.

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  2. Didn’t realize she sounds like Ingrid Michaelson until my brother pointed it out.

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  4. Spit it out
    I can see if you can say
    you explain
    still your meaning floats away
    quiet fails
    it is present in its space
    do you doubt
    other voices in your place
    Is this sick talk
    building on your tongue until it spills off
    anyone who
    speaks can say the same truth
    even if the words that they have spared you
    scared you
    Is this sick talk
    hovering around me
    taking quick stock
    anyone who sees afraid to talk back
    anyway the answers are of no use
    we are lost
    fits and starts

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  5. It’s 3:30 am.

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  6. Feelings




    No no no no no no no no no


    Tylenol PM. 

    Four shots of espresso, whole milk. 

    With a “K.”

    Comfort food—lentil soup, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, anything soft, anything warm, anything I can crawl into. 


    The strong circle your arms make around me. 

    Interrupting a sob with a chuckle. 

    I don’t know how to be a permanent address.

    Why must I be good? 

    Deep breath, turn out the lights, soft bed, alone. 

    Alone. Alone. Alone


    Wrap body around pole in train, hold on, shield eyes. 

    Sunglasses, but to hide tears. 

    Crying through dinner in a restaurant. 

    The distance of fiction, the immediacy of memoir. 

    Suck it in, button it up. 

    Hot shower at the crack of dawn. 


    This can’t be real life. 



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  9. How come I never heard this song before?
    Cheyenne Marie Mize - Wishing Well( Laundro Matinee )

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  10. Yep.