1. It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this lovely lady’s new tunes.

  2. The Year of Magical Thinking

  3. Done with the series. She’s so inventive.

  4. sarahseeandersen:

    I’ll probably just wear T-shirts forever.


  5. I asked my mom to buy an Orphan Black dvd

    ME: Mom, do you still remember that dvd I told you about?

    MOM: No. What was it again?

    ME: The name contains a color.

    MOM: Brown!

    ME: So close.

    MOM: Black!

    ME: Yes!

    MOM: Give another hint.

    ME: Starts with an O

    MOM:  Omega

    ME: No…

    MOM: Another hint

    ME: R

    MOM: Organize

    ME: NOOoo…..P

    MOM: Orphanage

    ME: Yes! I mean, no.


    ME: No, it’s a person.



    MOM: Is it about a black orphan.

    ME: /)_-

  7. theartassignment:

    Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of art and art-related activities going on in the world? We’re here to help! Here are some ideas for how to learn about what’s going on in the world of contemporary art. 

    I’m also pleased to announce The Art Assignment Book Club! The first read will be Dave Hickey’s Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy. Try to read it by August 1, and we’ll discuss it in a video soon after. 

    If you missed it, here’s my list of online art resources

    If you don’t want to buy Air Guitar or borrow it from your library, you can find a link to the titular essay here, and and another essay, “Romancing the Looky-Loos,” here. You can also read an interview with Hickey in The Believer

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  10. Just dance.

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